Digital Marketing Agency Leamington Spa

Sigma Digital Launch Leamington Spa Agency

Sigma Digital are delighted to announce that their Leamington Spa office is now open for business! The fast-expanding Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency have taken another step towards world domination with the addition of the Leamington Spa office based in Oxford Street, Royal Leamington Spa!
Sigma launched in Bicester in April 2016 and has already established themselves as a true competitor in the Digital Marketing and Web Design arena working with some amazing brands such as FROVI, Top Flight Helicopters, We Fix Any Car and Cereal Killer Café. Sigma will now be looking to grow their portfolio with the addict of Warwickshire based businesses.

We asked Stefan Wesley, CEO of Sigma Digital some questions on his journey so far and what he wishes to achieve following the move to Leamington Spa

So, what is it that Sigma Digital actually do?

“We like to keep things simple, Sigma are a full service Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency that have thrown all the automated tools out the window. We work with clients to increase their exposure by starting online conversations, meaning more enquiries and ultimately sales. “

“Our motto is FOR HUMANS, BY HUMANS, meaning that we believe that online interaction needs to be authentic, creative and original. We take time to get to know our clients, their brand and their goals in order to create an ongoing Digital Marketing strategy that is fun and interactive, not just for them but for their audience.”

What makes Sigma Digital different to other Web Design and Digital Marketing Agencies?
“What has been your biggest challenge so far?”

“Scaling is always difficult so I guess our biggest challenge would have to be talent acquisition. Being a social media executive is not just about being able to use Facebook and Twitter, we can teach that, it’s about the creativity of the individual and having the ability to come up with innovative and creative ideas that will make our clients stand out in a Digital World where everyone is fighting for exposure.”

“For our next step, I really wanted to jump into an area affluent with tech companies Leamington Spa’s famous Silicon Spa was a no brainer! As a Digital Agency in the middle of its second year, it is great to be able to expand our Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency close to Warwick where I grew up. I am really looking forward to working with local Warwickshire businesses and the community over the coming years.”

Why did you choose Leamington Spa as a location for Sigma Digital Marketing?
What Digital Marketing or Web Design project are you most proud of to date?

“I would have to say working with FROVI on a bespoke Digital Marketing campaign during Clerkenwell Design Week was a big highlight earlier this year. They are great fun to work with and extremely creative, plus the team are completely in love with their furniture!”

“My dream client would have to be SEGA! Being at the age where I grew up with a SEGA Mega Drive, I have always been a huge fan! I would love to have an opportunity to work with them, especially in Silicon Spa of which 75% of the Digital companies are in the gaming sector.”

If you could work with any brand on their digital marketing, who would it be?
What is the vision for Sigma Digital in the future?

We want to grow in the area fast so my goal is to get the team to 300 people by 2022. It’s a long way off but I have always been a kind of “Go Big or Go Home” kind of person. I want Leamington Spa to be our flagship as I love the area and feel it is a great place for small businesses to really grow and take advantage of the great support networks in the region.