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Twitter Tips – How To Compose Effective and Engaging Tweets

Twitter is the fastest paced social network. With 7681 tweets per second, roughly, managing to get your tweet out there and seen can be a challenge!
With only 140 characters to play with, you have to find a way to engage you audience and offer something that will entice them to interact. So how do you compose tweets that will momentarily stop people scrolling through their infinite steam of content and pay attention?

Understand your audience

If you’re completely new to the idea of digital marketing, we’ll start you off with the basics. Digital marketing is, in the simplest of terms, the method of attracting more traffic to a company’s website and online platforms. It also focuses on how best to turn that traffic into paying customers and to keep them coming back for more. You can see why it’s pretty essential!

How it’s Done

Before you can create content that receives a high level of engagement, you’ll need to really understand your audience. So take some time out from tweeting and try to understand what it is your followers are doing on social media. What are they talking about? Who do they interact with? Are they sharing anything?

By answering these few questions you’ll start to understand what it is they want from you. You can then also being putting together a strategy that will work for them. Be creative, if they’re sharing more video content, then consider making your next blog announcement on video. The beauty of Twitter is that because it is so fast paced, you can trial a variety of different approaches before you find the one that works for your target audience and followers.

Get involved

Once you’ve understood what gets your followers going, you’ll need to think what your objectives really are. Why do YOU tweet?

Twitter is a conversational platform so start having conversations! That can be anything from retweeting, liking or actually having a conversation. Interaction on twitter, especially for a brand, needs to a priority. You can shape your content to evoke certain responses from your audience. Retweets are going to happen if you’re publishing content that your followers want their followers to see, it needs to add value and be positive. Chances are, your followers are going to want to share things that put them in a good light, so keep your content positive and value-adding.

The rules are fairly simple when it comes to evoking a reaction, if you want a retweet, share content your followers want their followers to see, if you want a reply, ask a question or start a debate and if you want them to click a link, you’ll need a great headline to draw them away from scrolling.

Don’t be boring

When it comes to creating your content you need to be compelling. Think of each tweet as a front-page headline; it needs to be unique, it needs to be useful and it need to create a sense of urgency. Without these three aspects, it will simply blend into the white noise that is the rest of twitter.

Take a look at the following tweet for example:

‘10 top tips’ is a promise of value and that the content is useful. The words “you’ll benefit from” creates that sense of urgency and uniqueness that will (hopefully) drive interaction with the post by telling people they need to know.

Finally, by tagging the author you’re notifying them that you’re sharing their content which adds a sense of validity for the audience showing that the content is genuine and worthy of their interaction. The hashtags allows the tweet to reach an audience past their followers by categorising itself with ‘digital marketing’, it also allows the audience to make a snap decision on whether or not the content will be of interest to them.

Use your 140 wisely

Having such few characters means that spelling mistakes or poor format are not tolerated. So just be sure to double, even triple check your tweets for any grammatical or spelling errors. There’s nothing worse than an awkwardly-worded tweet to encourage you to keep scrolling.

Don’t be afraid to use colourful imagery, because you can’t be too wordy, images, gifs, video content will become your best friend. It’s a proven fact that your followers are more likely to interact with your post if it contains video or photo content, so get your camera out and begin producing high-quality images.

If you’ve followed all of our advice and you’re still struggling, why not enlist the help of Sigma Digital! We will take care of all of your social media management and more, get in contact today and see what we can do for you!