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50% of UK Twitter Users are Auditing their old Tweets

With the rise of technology thrusting the world of businesses online, it’s never been more important to have a noticeable online presence. From clothes shops to estate agents, every business should be working to get themselves a good spot on the World Wide Web. This is where digital marketing comes into play. So what exactly is digital marketing and how can it be of use to you? The last year has seen a string of prominent figures in the UK being taken to task for social media posts they have made in the past.

Musician Stormzy, politician Jared O’Mara and YouTube stars Zoella and Jack Maynard have all issued public apologies after old posts were rediscovered and made public again.

According to research conducted by Online Spy Shop, it is not only the rich and influential that will be combing through their old social media content to try and remove anything that they would not make now.
In a poll of 2,000 UK residents, the surveillance and security equipment company found that 54% of respondents had performed an audit of their old Twitter posts within the last month. A third of those then went on to either delete at least one post or make some content private.

Many stated that the reason they had decided to take some redaction action was the trouble that celebrity’s past tweets had got them into. Data from Google shows that searches asking for advice on deleting old posts spiked in correlation to celebrity apologies.