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Social Media Tips – Facebook Update

Facebook has recently announced that they will no longer allow users to edit link previews when posting a link on the platform.

Facebook have cracked down on this to try and cull the spread of fake news and misinformation being shared throughout the site. For those who use Facebook recreationally, you’ll probably be thinking ‘so what?’ but for those digital marketers out there, this is a pretty huge deal.

As you may (or may not) be aware, when you post a link to an article on Facebook, you’re given the options to replace the image and edit the text underneath the image. However, this section is now no longer available.

Although this change may seem small and insignificant to those who aren’t digital marketers, it’s actually huge! We (digital marketers) use the information to edit in keywords, or swap the image to one that is a better representation of the text. But, Facebook have decided that we are no longer allowed to do so.


Notice the use of keywords and an eye-grabbing image!


So, what can we do?

There aren’t any ways to enable the editing feature, however there are certain things that can be done so your message is portrayed in the way you originally wanted it. But before we talk about those, we need to establish two separate categories – links posted from outside sources, i.e. BBC articles and links posted from internal sources i.e. your company website.

When posting an ‘outside’ source link, be sure to make the most of the status field and be as descriptive as you can. Not all link previews will produce and image (or produces a poor image) if this is the case, create or find an image that best suits the article. Attach the image as a photo and then copy and paste the URL from the article at the bottom of your text. Your post should then show, text, image and link.

It’s all in the optimization

If the source you’re posting is your own website source, or one you have admin access to there’s more you can do to ensure the link text contains the keywords you want and correct information. The correct optimization on your website will play a large part of ensuring your link previews are correct this time around. If you have an optimized website, you should, hopefully, have metatags in place for every page, article and post and be able to edit them.

Keeping this in mind, it will definitely be worth combing through your metatags and using relevant wording that you know your reader will want to see. This meta description will be what appears on a link preview, so use your 156 characters wisely!

Take some time when actually posting the article to your website and use an image that will look good on both the website and the link preview on Facebook. Images are so important on social media, users have a tendency of just scrolling until an image catches their eye and makes them stop. So having the perfect image can be the difference between getting noticed or getting lost in the social media white noise.

If you’d like any further information, clarification or tips about how to make your Facebook post stand out, we’d love to lend a hand. Get in contact and speak to one of our knowledgeable team, today!