Selling in your Sleep

Kindle Version of ‘Selling in your Sleep’ out NOW

We are excited to announce that our CEO's Amazon Number 1 Best Selling Book "Selling in your Sleep" is now available to purchase on Kindle.

"When the whole world is online, that’s where you need to be when it comes to your business. No matter if you’re in a product or service industry, you can reach your ideal customer at the click of a button, saving you a lot of time and money.

When Stefan ran a survey asking a group of business owners if they had lost money on digital advertising, the response was a resounding yes, to the tune of 98%. Digital marketing will cost you a fortune unless you know what you’re doing. ‘Selling in Your Sleep’ comes at a time when the whole world has gone through an unprecedented event and many people have realised that there is more to life than selling your time for money.

When this crisis is over, people will have changed the way they live and work and many have already realised, that digital is where the future of business lies. The competition is only going to increase, which is why you need this book now. It is not another tired list of advice you can find anywhere on the internet already; it is solid gold and it contains all the insider knowledge and secrets of a serial digital marketer who has been consistently helping his clients make millions of pounds over the past six years.

Stefan is the Founder of The Digital Commando Academy and CEO of Sigma Digital. In 2019 he was named Digital Marketing CEO of the Year for his success, not only as an agency owner but for the outstanding results he delivers when transforming his client’s businesses from start-up to 7-figures.

Trained by The Wolf of Wall Street, this 32-year old has already built an enviable reputation as the go-to specialist for business owners who want to grow their business. It’s a job he knew he would do from the very moment someone told him he couldn’t. This loveable Irish rogue with an ex-military background will tell you that vanity metrics don’t mean shit and with the way the world is evolving, a 4-hour workweek is still too much.

With that in mind, he has not written a book but a proven formula for success. It is a powerful tool that will transform your business overnight and in it are the real down & dirty secrets that will drive your revenue up and give you the edge over your competitors. This is not 7 effective secrets … this is all of them!"

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