SiggyBot NFT Feature Image

SiggyBots by SigmaDigital™ The Profit Share NFT

SigmaDigital™ is excited to launch the SiggyBot NFT automatically enters Holders to be entered into a company profit share bonus program. As the SiggyBot holder will receive an equal share of the profits generated by SigmaDigital™ equivalent to 20% equity. This bonus will take effect after the first payment on 01st April 2024, this payment will be 1150% return on investment (approximately $1,250,000) and is personally guaranteed by our CEO Stefan Wesley. Following this payment, each holder will receive 4% of the annual profits with the first of these payments made on 01st April 2025.

There will only be a maximum of 5 tokens dropped, equal to a total of 20% equity.

  1. 0001 SiggyBot - Ultimate Power = 4% profit share

  2. 0002 SiggyBot - Captain Siggy = 4% profit share

  3. 0003 SiggyBot - Chef Siggy = 4% profit share

  4. 0004 SiggyBot - Professor Siggy = 4% profit share

  5. 0005 SiggyBot - Nacho Siggy = 4% profit share

Estimated annual profit for 2023 is $48,000,000.


SigmaDigital™ is one of the Worlds Leading Digital Marketing Agencies servicing clients in the UK, USA and Dubai. The funds generated from the sale of our SiggyBot NFT's are put directly into the company to assist with growth and to help SigmaDigital™ to increase revenue in line with the increased demand for services that we have encountered over the past 12 months.

As you have made it this far you are just a small step away from hitting it big...

Please note that all 5 SiggyBot NFTs will EVOLVE into detailed works of Art following purchase... so there is something extra to get excited about.

The Owner of each Token will also unlock the personal contact details of our CEO Stefan Wesley who will be calling you and booking your flights and accommodation to come and meet him in Dubai so he can tell you more about what the future holds for you!