Pay-Per-Click Advertising from Dubai’s No.1 Rated Ads Agency

Online advertising has now had a huge shift with the introduction of PPC Marketing. Brands are now using PPC Marketing to securing their online presence throughout the web and build brand awareness. Pay Per Click (PPC) allows businesses of all sizes to bid on search terms, allowing small companies the ability to compete with large corporations using an auction style bidding system.

The greatest thing about PPC Marketing is that you only pay for the traffic that actually land on your site. A well-managed campaigns coupled with fully optimised landing pages creates a great platform to deliver results and a great return on investment.

By using our team of Certified Google Partners we guarantee expert supervision of your PPC Marketing AdWords campaigns making sure that you are getting the best price per click available. The team start with a complete Google AdWords account audit and identify areas where we can instantly improve your campaigns as well as save you money.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

One of the biggest questions we get asked is “How much does PPC Cost?” so here is Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, who is going to talk you through how the AdWords Auction Works.


Our team use their PPC Marketing expertise and understanding of your business in order to engage with your target market. They will identify what devices and demographics, then create engaging ads that will engage with clients when they are in their “buying state”.

AdWords Analytics

We look to run you campaigns in a number of different ways, this allows us to use benchmark reporting to assess which ads work best for your audience, as well as calculate new opportunities. Our overall goal in to reduce your CPA (cost per acquisition) and therefore increase your profit per sale.

Another great thing about PPC Marketing is that you have access to live performance updates and insights. This allows us to use your conversion data provided to make quick changes to your keywords, adverts and website in order to optimise your campaigns.


We target previous visitors to your website using a PPC Re-Marketing strategy across the Google Display Network. By using the GDN we are able to reengage with the visitors to you site that did not complete your desired action.