Planning your Christmas Marketing Strategy

Planning your Christmas Marketing Strategy

As we make our way ever closer to the end of the year and December looms just around the corner, we here at Sigma can’t help but start thinking about Christmas. We’re sure we’re not the only ones – even if you don’t want to admit it, we bet the festive season has crossed your mind a few times over the past weeks!
Being a digital marketing agency, we also find it hard not to think about business at this time of year. We know, Christmas isn’t all about that, but with such a great opportunity to boost sales we can’t help it! Christmas is a great time to really work on your campaigns and get those orders up, and our digital marketing agency experts are here to help you do it.

Christmas Offers

It would be pretty silly not to put a few little offers on around Christmas. Not only does it show your festive cheer and definitely shine a positive light onto your brand, it’ll also make people keener to shop with you. Customer’s get pretty savvy around this season; despite the increase in money spent overall, your audience is going to be constantly looking out for deals to make their shopping cheaper. Our digital marketing agency can help you to find a deal your customers will snap up and then promote it across various platforms for optimum results.

Get Festive Visuals

A great way to get your customers excited and in that Christmas shopping mood is to change your visuals to something a bit more festive. For example, you can change up your logo temporarily or add a festive frame to all your Instagram posts. It’s those little details that show your company’s embracing Christmas and remind your audience that it’s the season of spending, but in a subtle way. As a web design agency, we know how important these little visual touches are for a good Christmas campaign.

It’s All About Those CTA’s

If you’re not using a CTA (call to action) in all your written marketing around Christmas, then you’re wasting opportunities! If your audience is reading your email or blog post or whatever content it is you’re putting out there, they’re in the market to buy from you and will be keener to do so than ever. Sometimes, all they need is that little, gentle push and you’ve bagged yourself another order! As a digital marketing agency, we can’t emphasise enough the importance of effective CTAs in a good marketing plan.

Wish Them a Merry Christmas

It’s so important that you know your audience’s buying habits and how to market to them at Christmas. If you have analytics from your campaign last year, then go check them out – what can you improve and what worked really well? Our digital marketing agency professionals use a mixture of analytics and forecasting to get to know your customers’ behaviour and apply this to your marketing this season.

Analytics and Forecasting

If you want to keep your clients close, be sure to wish them a merry Christmas! Whether in an email directly or just by posting on Twitter or something a bit more general, be sure to address your lovely customers and tell them to have a wonderful time. If you are doing it through something direct like email marketing, you could even give them a little discount or free shipping code as a Christmas present to show your gratitude for their custom. It’s the little things that go along way!

If you think you’re not going to make the most of your marketing this Christmas, get in touch with us here at Sigma Digital. If you’re quick enough, our team of web design agency and digital marketing agency experts can help you to put together a plan that’ll attract your target clients and increase those orders. At a time of year when spending’s at an all-time high, it’d be silly to waste the opportunity!

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