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LinkedIn Updates: August 2017

LinkedIn are constantly trying to make their platform more user friendly – the result of that means we are being blessed with more and more updates that and as regular publishers on the site, means more control! Yippeeee!

Take a look at some of the brand spanking new updates LinkedIn are spoiling us with…

1. Multiple Images in One Post

LinkedIn are (finally) rolling out an update that means we can upload more than one photo onto a post. It’s another step in the right direction allowing it’s users, both companies and individuals create more a story with their posts, not quite a ‘story’ like Instagram or Facebook, but definitely a huge improvement!

Currently, this update is only on iOS but hold tight for Android and desktop to be rolled out in due course.

2. In App Video Content

Taking advice from the other social media sites, LinkedIn is rolling out an in-app video recording element. You’ll soon be able to record video content from within the app itself and share it directly on the platform to your network.

3. Share drafts

The share drafts updates allows draft articles to be shared to other users for editing before being published on the long form publishing platform to the masses. This is a great update for any marketer or LinkedIn influencer and will no doubt be a game changer for users that regularly publish content.

4. Disable comments

LinkedIn have finally given more control over to authors on the platform allowing comments to be disabled on their posts. This can not only help to reduce spam but also cut down on harassment on the more controversial posts.

Although none of these updates are game changers, they are certainly going in the right direction. LinkedIn focuses it’s attention on ensuring the usability for it users is solid before considering offering gimmicks that the other social media platforms. Whether or not this is the right way to go, only time will tell but it’s certainly not impacting users on the platform.

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