How to write engaging content

How to Write Engaging Content

Content marketing is important. Every business has heard that over and over again, we’re sure – but it’s true! Without well-written product descriptions, blogs, social media marketing and all that good stuff, you’re just not going to go anywhere as a profitable company. But, writing engaging content that actually sells is no easy feat either. It takes hard work, time and a lot of effort. If you’re struggling, we here at Sigma Digital are here to help with some handy tips of how to instantly improve the engagement of your content. Here’s what you need to do…

How it’s Done

Know your Audience

Your first step to brilliant content marketing is knowing your audience. It’s kind of a rule of thumb for any good writing, isn’t it? Before you begin crafting your content, create a profile of your target audience and keep it in your mind whilst typing away so that you can actually visualise who will be reading your work on the other end. Not only will this refine your tone so it’s appropriate for your specific audience, but it’ll also help you to understand what topics will actually interest them.

Be Fun

Life’s far too serious already for boring content marketing. Be fun! Add some personality into your writing and let loose! People are usually more attracted to a personable, conversational approach for content marketing anyway, and it’ll be far more interesting to read.

Don’t Get Bogged Down in Words

Not getting bogged down in words may sound like odd advice for content marketing, but it does make sense! Basically, we’re saying that you should keep your vocabulary simple. Don’t use loads of fancy terms and jargon unless it’s necessary – people just don’t have time to flick through a thesaurus whilst they read your content! With things such as social media marketing, it’s important to keep your posts short and snappy anyway.


This isn’t so important with shorter posts, such as for social media marketing, but with things such as blog posts or lengthy web pages, sub-headings are a must. People don’t like to read a block of text, so they won’t. Simple as that! But by splitting a long post up into easily absorbed chunks, your audience will become far more engaged and be more willing to actually read what you’re writing.

Interact with your Audience

Always address your audience, using ‘you’ and ‘your’ to pull them in. This’ll help them to feel as though you’re really talking to them, and they’ll instantly be more interested. You can also drop a couple of rhetorical questions in there if you fancy. We do – if you haven’t already noticed.

Have Confidence

Readers can instantly tell when a writer isn’t confident. The flow is stagnant, the writing self-conscious and the tone too forced. So, don’t spend ages agonising over each and every word and reading back your introduction for the hundredth time – who even has time for that? It’ll totally ruin the natural flow your content should have. If you’re struggling, just write your whole post, tweet or whatever without too much thought, then spend half an hour going back through and editing.

Writing good content is a bit of an art. It’s obvious when you’re reading second-rate content and it can be very off-putting for consumers. On the other hand, get your content marketing right and you’ll have customers eating out the palm of your hand! If you think this all sounds a bit too much for you and you have far better things to do than worry about digital marketing and engaging content, then get in touch with us here at Sigma Digital. We can sort it all out for you so you don’t have to worry.