Facebook Ads Agency Dubai


With the number of users on Facebook, there’s a good chance your businesses would want to be prominent on the platform. With the right campaign strategy, Facebook can be your biggest ally with Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) shooting past 4X and even 5X regularly. The question is, what is the right campaign strategy and is it a good fit for my business? Well that can only be determined after a discovery session with our experts (you can book one here). But if you are wondering what the difference between your last Facebook Ads campaign is with a SigmaDigital campaign, the answer is simple: Superior ad copy, media, audience targeting and FUNNELS.


Ad funnels are a process in which users interests and behaviours are captured. Once they are targeted users are then nurtured based on buying behaviours such as interaction with your ads, website clicks and even abandoned shopping carts. (This is when a customer places products in their shopping cart but leave your site without completing their purchase).

By showing users different ads based on where they are in the funnel, your advertising campaign is way more relevant to the customer and is more likely to resonate with them for longer periods of time. This undoubtedly yields better results but does not come without a touch of added effort and critical thinking. SigmaDigital forges partnerships with its clients. It is not a coincidence that business owners that are the most passionate about their business aid us in yielding them better results. (HELP ME HELP YOU!!!) This is due to a clearer, more concise idea of what their goals are as well as supplying us with richer media and social proof from their clients.



So Yes, you read that right. If you are running a business and have absolutely ZERO results and testimonials from your clients, we will question whether we want to work with you! That being said before we won’t just kick you to the curb ;). If you are a business in this position and you’re totally oblivious to the importance of online reviews and social proof, that’s fine! Let’s start by finding what has stopped you from getting reviews & testimonials. Has it been discomfort in asking for them or just laziness? After reiterating the importance of reviews, testimonials and social proof, SigmaDigital will aid you in gaining access to the proper tools, strategies and software that will allow you to get caught up in that area of your business.