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Brand24 Review – Marketers Hidden Weapon

Any successful company is spread across social media platforms, and those will almost always include the Big Three; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It can be tricky to manage them all, but it has to be done if you want good reach and exposure, as well as increased traffic. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, however, as Brand24 is here to help you keep everything under control. It’s the social media listening tool you didn’t know you needed until now.

What is Brand24?

Put simply, Brand24 is a tool that gives you social insights, which means a detailed look into your social media platforms and the way people are interacting with them. It can tell you what people are saying, how they feel about your posts, and which ones are succeeding (as well as which are failing).

It’s smart too because it will let you respond immediately to comments and even track the individuals who are leaving them. You can use it from your mobile when you are on the move, or your computer once you arrive home. It’s there to make life easier for you, and comes packed with features that do just that.

The Main Features

This section features a quick run-down of all the excellent features offered by Brand24, as well as a brief explanation of what they do. There’s so much, and you’ll find yourself using every single one.

  • Mentions Feed. See what people are saying about you in real-time.
Mentions Feed. See what people are saying about you in real-time.
  • Mentions Analytics. Look at deeper insights and demographics for your mentions.
Mentions Analytics. Look at deeper insights and demographics for your mentions.
  • Discussion Volume Chart. Are more people talking about you, or is the number dropping?
  • Alerts. Get notifications as soon as something new happens (like in Warwickshire), and it’s fully customisable.
Alerts. Get notifications as soon as something new happens, and it's fully customisable.
  • Data Exporting. Turn your data into a PDF or spreadsheet for records and management.
  • Filtering. Narrow down the results so that you can see the specifics in more detail.
  • Influence Score. Which influencers should you reach out to?
  • Comparison Tab. Compare your progress to your competitor’s and learn where you can improve.
  • Competitor Knowledge. Track their hashtags and posts to stay ahead of the game.
  • Hashtag Search. Find and track your top hashtags for better analytics and to see which hashtags you should be using.
  • Slack Integration. Work faster and better with your team using Slack. It offers quick messaging and speedy access to your Brand24 dashboard.

The Benefits and Downfalls


  • The interface is easy to use and understand, no matter your tech level
  • It looks at a whole range of social media platforms
  • Real-time analytics that is quickly received
  • Provides interesting and detailed results that cannot be found alone
  • Slack integration is an excellent addition
  • Can download the results in PDF format to keep records together


  • Sentiment analysis could be more extensive and detailed
  • The price can be a little high for smaller companies
  • The mobile app does not work as smoothly as the desktop one

Pricing Plans

You have to know the price before you buy the tool, and so we have gathered each of the payment plans offered by Brand24 so that you can browse through them. It should also be noted that you can get a 14-day free trial to see how you feel about it before you commit to buy.

Personal Plus, $49pm:
Professional Premium, $99pm
Professional Max, $399pm
5 keywords
10 keywords25 keywords
50K mentions / mo
400K mentions / mo1 Million mentions / mo
5 users
10 users99 users
Update every 12h Update every hour
Real-time update
Data analysis

Data analysisData analysis
Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis
Sentiment analysis
Mobile App

Mobile App
Mobile App
Slack Integration

Slack Integration
Slack Integration
PDF reports
PDF reports
Extending limits
Extending limits
Social Media ReachSocial Media Reach
Live helpLive help
Opinion leaders
Opinion leaders
Excel file exportExcel file export

Behind the Scenes of Brand24

It’s nice to know that a company is human, and Brand24 really encapsulates that sense of personality in everything they do – just take a look at their five-year anniversary video. That’s why this section is dedicated to getting to know them a little better with some fun facts.

More about Mike Sadowski, the founder and CEO of Brand24:

  • He has a band
  • He is a passionate photographer
  • He would like to learn Chinese, Russian, and Latin
  • He is a die-hard fan of Liverpool

More about the people of Brand24

  • They love their customers; every sale is a celebration
  • Piotr, the CTO, managed to get his foot stuck in the table during their first meeting with an investor
  • Jakub, the customer success manager, is the Stig; or so they say
  • In Chamicuro, Brand24 means “a winged coyote”
  • The team have consumed 1200 kebabs and played over 7000 hours on Fifa
  • They have sent 2.4million slack messages
  • They have done nearly 30k vodka shots and 4 beer pong championships

Notable tweets by notable influencers

To Conclude

Brand24 is certainly one of the best social listening tools on the market, and it combines so many fantastic features into one manageable dashboard. It’s not perfect, no tool is, and there are a couple of cons. However, the advantages far outweigh them, making this a pretty reliable tool for any business. It does so much more than you think it will, and everything is exceptionally easy to access and understand.

Milosz Krasinski