Social Media Marketing Tips

8 Social Media Tips and Hacks

As a social media agency in Leamington Spa, we like to think we’re pretty savvy when it comes to marketing across platforms. We’ve helped a whole bunch of brands get their social media marketing up to scratch!

The potential of social media is incredible for businesses, particularly small and start-up companies with less funding than the big-name brands. So, to help you out with yours, we’ve put together some of our top hacks to get your profiles booming.

Use the Same Username Across Platforms

By using the same username across platforms, you make it easier for people to find you. If someone follows you on Facebook, for example, and they want to find you on Twitter but can’t find your social links, they’ll search the same username. Help them out and keep yours the same.

Check Out the Competition

Check out what successful competitors are doing on their profiles for some guidance. As a social media agency in Leamington Spa, we always push forward this idea of keeping tabs on competitors. How often are they posting? What formats of content do they post? How do they engage with their audience? Make notes of the trends they follow and incorporate them into your own plan.

Have Follow Buttons on your Website

Always include social media buttons on your website that link directly to your different profiles. This’ll make it super easy for your audience to go and follow you across platforms and build a bigger audience.

Post Daily

If you want to gain a large audience, you should be posting a minimum of once daily across all platforms. This keeps your pages relevant and creates a more notable online presence. There are actually optimum numbers of times you should be posting on various platforms, but our social media agency in Leamington Spa can help you out with that if you need it!

Join Business Groups

Business groups are a great way to connect with other business owners and promote your services. You’ll find a ton on Facebook that have thousands of members. It’s basically like virtual networking!

Use a Scheduling Tool

Find a scheduling tool that works for you and use it to schedule content posts in advance. That way, even on super manic days, your social media will still look like you’ve got your stuff together!

Study Analytics

Always keep an eye on numbers. Use analytics tools to watch profile views, follows and all of that great stuff. You should also keep tabs on the engagement of your posts so that you can find out what works best with your audience. If you’re getting more likes, shares and re-tweets on images than you are on videos, then post more images – simple! Our social media agency in Leamington Spa swears by this kind of analysis.

Show You’re Human

Showing you’re a real person rather than an emotionless robot is a must for successful marketing. Be relatable. Talk about things other than promoting yourself. If you’re struggling, then some motivational quotes are always a good way to go, especially on a Monday morning! Your audience will see that there’s more to you than your business and they’ll like that.

Interact with Followers

Always, always, interact with your followers. If people comment on your posts, always reply and engage them in conversation. You can even encourage this kind of interaction by posting questions directly to your audience. Keeping with that Monday morning theme, why not post a question this Monday asking your followers how they like to kick start their week?

80% Value 20% Selling

The 80%-20% rule is well-used by our social media agency in London. This is where you keep 80% of your content as value, with no aim of self-promotion; just posting things your audience will find interesting, helpful or entertaining. The other 20% is used for direct marketing of your business. It’s the perfect balance!

If you need help with your marketing, contact our social media agency Leamington Spa. We’re a friendly bunch of skilled professionals who can take your profiles from floundering to flourishing in no time, boosting your business and brand awareness. It’ll be a wise decision!

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